E. O. Wilson and God vs Science

I received the new issue of Seed today in the mail and in it is an interesting article on E. O. Wilson and his attempts to create a truce between science and religion. He is best known for his seminal work Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge – which I am definitely going to be picking up to read as it deals with some concepts I am hugely interested in, namely syncretism of knowledge – as well as his new book, The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth. The whole November issue of Seed takes an interesting look at the religious right’s fight against science and evolutionary theory. It’s a good issue.

You crazy Americans. I just learned that out of a butt-load of developed nations on the planet, you rank at the bottom, along with Turkey, in believing in Darwin. I mean, hey, I have some esoteric theories I subscribe to. But c’mon, Darwin has something going on there. You guys…

This is officially an open invitation for everyone that thinks – just thinks in general – to move on up to Canada. Our doors are always open.


  1. Hello Fell the Don,

    Here’s my input on this ongoing discussion. Hope you appreciate my efforts to bring some sanity to this world…

    Analyzing the Creator Debate

    Did you ever consider that atheism arose because certain people saw that religious characterizations about the nature of an omnipotent “God” were seriously flawed and then concluded that religion and the Creator were the same things? This is the exact same conclusion at the base of religious beliefs; namely that the Creator and religion are inseparable. Consequently, both atheists and religious followers are arguing over a flawed assumption without considering that other possibilities negate the common core conclusion of both groups. These arguments are actually over religion and whether it represents a reliable model of reality. The answer to this question is of course not. Religion is not only flawed, it is purposely deceptive! Though atheists are certainly sincere in their conclusions, the fact remains that they and religious followers are locked in a debate that cannot be won by either side because both base their positions upon whether the same flawed premise is the truth. In order for this debate to conclude with a truthful answer, a greater level of discernment is required.

    One apt clarifying question is, if someone tells lies about you, does that negate you or make you a liar or a lie? Certainly, the image cast about you would be a false one, but that is their image, not the real you. Consequently, faulty religious assertions about the Creator of this universe do not negate the existence of a Creator. Considering the possibility that this universe is not by chance leaves the door open to how it arose, which leads us to seek what could have created and maintained it. Since neither religion nor science has yet adequately answered this question, it is safe to conclude that those who argue about the Creator based on either are most certainly wrong about one or more aspects. Therefore, another point of view and additional knowledge are required.

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  2. The full article is now available free online: http://www.seedmagazine.com/news/2006/10/the_synthesizer.php?page=1

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