Long interview with Lost creators

I’ve been watching the TV series Lost – it’s the only TV show I watch, and it’s the only show I’ve watched on a regular basis in years. I first got interested when I read about how much of an influence the Watchmen was on it. Later Wu pointed to an article mentioning that Robert Anton Wilson was an influence as well.

Here’s a snip from a lengthy interview with the creators:

This is a theme we’re very much exploring in Season 3, this notion of “us versus them.” And who is us? And who is them? I mean I think we all tend to objectify people who we don’t know much about and I think that’s the audience’s view of The Others right now – they are bad, they are the malevolent force on the island. But over the course of the stories we’re going to be telling this season on the show we expect the audience’s view of The Others to change a lot.

Full Story: ABC News.

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  1. I get it, I get it, “us” vs “them” blah blah blah.
    Anyone for some ham-fisted agitprop? The therapeutic view of the world denies the forest for the trees.
    The “others” in Lost are responsible for the actions of their leader, and no matter how “human” they are as individuals their actions against the plane wreck victims (who posed no threat)were from the very beginning hostile and war-like.
    Notions of cultural moral and relativism put forth by so-called intellectuals are quite frankly – moronic.
    There are plenty of uncivilized people, and cultures in this world who are only “reasoned” with at extreme peril.
    While you try reasoning with them they are weaving the rope to hang you with.
    For example, Iran and Syria are at war with us but moronic Democrats like Pelosi think they can be nice nice to them and talk their leaders out of being the genocidal terrorist bigots that they clearly are.
    I have a good idea, lets wait until the Mullahs in Iran get their baker’s dozen of nukes and secretly plant them in Western cities around the world to stop us from interfering with the nuking the pig Jews and the promised destruction of Israel.

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