Object Larger than Pluto Named Eris

Yeah, I’m a little late to the punch with this one, but I’ve been busy. Hail Eris!

A distant, icy rock whose discovery shook up the solar system and led to Pluto’s planetary demise has been given a name: Eris.

The christening of Eris, named after the Greek goddess of chaos and strife, was announced by the International Astronomical Union on Wednesday. Weeks earlier, the professional astronomers’ group stripped Pluto of its planethood under new controversial guidelines.

Since its discovery last year, Eris, which had been known as 2003 UB313, ignited a debate about what constitutes a planet.

Associated Press: Dwarf Planet Named After Greek Goddess


  1. Once again they snub Eris. Rather than let her have a planet they take away Pluto’s.

    I wonder where Eris is in my birthchart?

  2. Damn. Was hoping they’d choose “Yuggoth”.

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