Klint has been nice enough to allow me to continue posting bits of occult novelty to his wonderful site here, as I’ve since discontinued Occult Design in favour of pursuing business endeavours here in Edmonton and my work in the field of visual communication design.

But a happy hello to everyone and for today, I just wanted to drop these tidbits I came across this morning via Boing Boing, in case anyone here missed it:

Can hearing voices in your head be a good thing?

Psychologists have launched a study to find out why some people who hear voices in their head consider it a positive experience while others find it distressing.

The University of Manchester investigation – announced on World Hearing Voices Day (Thursday, 14th September) – comes after Dutch researchers found that many healthy members of the population there regularly hear voices.

Although hearing voices has traditionally been viewed as ‘abnormal’ and a symptom of mental illness, the Dutch findings suggest it is more widespread than previously thought, estimating that about 4% of the population could be affected.

continued via EurekAlert

As well as:

Google Books promotes banned books for Banned Books Week

Google Book Search and the American Library Association have teamed up to offer searchable indices and library links to banned books, in celebration of Banned Books Week (Sept 23-30). Included in the catalog are 1984, Lolita, Lord of the Flies, the Great Gatsby, The Color Purple, Brave New World, Naked Lunch, Invisible Man, Cats Cradle, and many other titles that made me a better person for having read them.


And this little graphical gem: the Major Arcana of the tarot as interpreted by John Coulthart… like traffic signs to the oracular road of life.