I’ve been saying for a while that when MySpace starts letting unsigned musicians sell their MP3s through MySpace, the whole game will change. Usually people just look at me and said “You mean if MySpace…” Well, they’re doing it, and they’re doing it right (no DRM). No word on whether they’re letting the big labels play too, but I’m sure they’ll follow suit. More at TechCrunch.

I feel bad for the MPERIA guys right now. But I hope that, inspite of sketchy nature of MySpace that this is good for musicians and for fans.

Something I’ve been saying lately, considering how much money the Pirate Bay is making ($84,000 in ads per month, plus T-Shirt sales), big record companies and movie studios should build their own torrent trackers and give their stuff away free online. Sell merchandise and DVDs and CDs along side the free downloads. Sell ad space to Coke and Pepsi and Ford and GM and all the usual suspects. Hell, sell the products that are placed in movies.

Universal is taking the first step in this direction, but they’re crippling their downloads with DRM and the need to “re-up” your music files by looking at more ads.