Everyone’s favorite heretical Scientologist Channel Null drops some knowledge about NLP demonology:

Having generated some buzz with the previous piece on employing NLP demonology to get wealthy, I figure it’s time to revisit the process a little. In the initial installment, we focused almost entirely on the disciplining of those untoward thought-forms that redirect our mental processing power away from a more united, substantial goals. Browbeating and asserting authority over the rogue memeplexes inside your skull most certainly will accomplish that; the act, however, of entering an environment just to torture a poor, misguided neurosis into submission won’t happen without leaving some scars. Not only is smacking these things around all the time just ugly, it forces the practitioner into a dominator top-space that, while interesting to explore, can generate a sort of obsession that might take weeks to work out and will undoubtedly cause some trouble; never mind the extent to which the male dominator role gets overplayed in our society.

Full Story: Dark Science and Infernal Art.

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