Rushkoff’s Follow-Up to His Faith as Disease Column

Original column: Faith = Illness.


The fact that the Bible has two versions of creation should not be a surprise to anyone who takes the time to read the first page or two of any standard Bible text. This is not some convoluted DaVinci Code fictional deconstruction of non-existent material. I’m talking normal, look-at-the-words-and-glean-their-most-basic-meaning stuff, here.

Genesis, Chapter 1, verse 27, says that God created Man and Woman together, after making all the animals.
Genesis, Chapter 2, verse 7, has God creating Man before the plants and the animals. Adam walks around a while, lonely. Then Woman is created out of Adam’s rib in verse 22.

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  1. The contradictions in the bible should give people a clue that it is myth, but one of the reasons people believe in urban legends is that people believe stupid stuff.

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