I’m hoping to track down a copy of this book. Anyone know the name, ISBN, or have a copy they’d be willing to sell, loan or scan? Here’s an edited exchange from the comments on Strange Reading Tastes of Children:

Me: When I was about 6 or 7 I checked a book out of the childrens book section of the Madisonville, TX (a town of a couple-few thousand people) that explained how to sell your soul to the devil in order to become a werewolf.

Charlie’s Horsey: that book about the Devil making you a werewolf – that didn?t mention some weird little ritual in which he?d give you a belt of fur, right? Like one of those giant leather workout belts, but for becoming a werewolf? My tiny, very Christian lower school library had a book along those lines in it. I adored it. My favorite bit was about how just picking the wrong type of flowers in the woods could supposedly turn you.

Me: Dude, I think there was something about a belt in that book. I think it might have been a book about both werewolves and vampires. I think the vampire section talked about people digging up bodies to see if their hair and finger nails had grown to see if they were vampires or not.