MonthMarch 2006

Ziggy Stardust Comic

ziggy stardust comic

This Ziggy Stardust comic is absolutely bonkers… Ozzy Osbourne, Elton John, Kate Bush, Mick Jagger, Batman, and Freddie Mercury join David Bowie for a psychedelic adventure.

Several readable scans

Public Library Buys a Trove of Burroughs Papers

The New York Times reports:

The New York Public Library is expected to announce today that it has purchased the Burroughs archive for its Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of English and American Literature. The acquisition will make the Berg Collection, which also includes Kerouac’s literary and personal archive, perhaps the premier institution for the study of the Beats.

New York Times: Public Library Buys a Trove of Burroughs Papers

Entanglement heats up


“Entanglement” could occur at any temperature and not just in systems cooled to near zero according to new calculations by a team of physicists in the UK, Austria and Portugal. Vlatko Vedral of the University of Leeds and colleagues at the universities of Porto and Vienna have found that the photons in ordinary laser light can be quantum mechanically entangled with the vibrations of a macroscopic mirror, no matter how hot the mirror is. The result is unexpected because hot objects are usually thought of being classical. The finding suggests that macroscopic entanglement is not as difficult to create as previously believed and could have implications for making room-temperature quantum computers in the future

PhysicsWorld: Entanglement heats up

National Geographic Genographic Project

Facinating project: you buy a kit and submit a DNA sample, and you get access to information about your deep ancestry.

This is not a genealogy test and you won’t learn about your great grandparents. You will learn, however, of your deep ancestry, the ancient genetic journeys and physical travels of your distant relatives.

National Geographic Genographic Project.

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