Interview with Alaura O’Dell, of Psychic TV and Genesis P. Orridge’s ex-wife

Here’s an interview on the Family Ov Psychick Individuals web site with Alaura O’Dell:

While Genesis P-Orridge and Lady Jaye Breyer get a lot of attention these days because of the recent PTV3 tour and their attempt to be a pandrogynous unity, the former wife of Genesis P-Orridge and mother to his two daughters, Alaura O’Dell (formerly known as Paula P-Orridge), stands behind. She also appeared on many Psychic TV albums for over a decade, but now her name doesn’t even appear within the liner notes of the reissues any more.

Time to ask her a few questions about her role in PTV, her relation to Genesis, her view on gender issues, and her current life. The interview took place by mail, questions by Peter Schmelzle of and Robert Schalinski of Column One. Many thanks to Alaura for answering so open and comprehensively.

Full Story: Family of Psychick Individuals.

(thanks Trevor)

For more on Genesis P-Orridge, check out our dossier on him.


  1. You are welcome. Hope to see you again soon.

  2. this is so very cool. i was in touch with alaura back in the mid-1990’s but lost track of her whereabouts until recently when i found out a mutual friend was doing some recordings with her in portland. nice to read about what she’s been up to and it’s about time something like this was written about her!

  3. hi…

    here Rafal from Poland. Is there any chance for read interview with Alaura O?Dell? I will be very grateful!


  4. Rafal, I updated the link to the version:

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