I’m moving to Portand

I just turned in my letter of resignation, so I feel like I’m free to announce this publicly now:

I’m moving to Portland next month. Probably the beginning of the second week of January.

I have a place to stay lined up, and a back-up. I’m still looking for work. I have not quite 4 years of IT experience, almost a year of marketing experience, and several years of digital publishing experience. If there’s anyone out there from the Portland area that has any job leads, feel free to e-mail at [redacted]. Or if anyone wants to hang-out once I get there, drop me a line or comment here.

My blogging activities may well be interrupted this month by moving, wrapping up things at work, looking for work in Portland, and the holidays.

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  1. yes. good. come to Portland. i like it! I will be there on the 14th. yes. we should catch up. pretty please?


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