Marijuana might cause new cell growth in the brain

New Scientist reports:

A synthetic chemical similar to the active ingredient in marijuana makes new cells grow in rat brains. What is more, in rats this cell growth appears to be linked with reducing anxiety and depression. The results suggest that marijuana, or its derivatives, could actually be good for the brain.

Full Story: New Scientist: Marijuana might cause new cell growth in the brain

Call me square, but I would be surprised if marijuana actually, like, made you smarter.

Did you know that hydergine, an ergoloid like LSD, is approved to treat senile dementia? And like LSD, it was invented by Albert Hoffman.

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  1. maybe not smarter by default but it does allow for new connections to be made. you have to actually do something to guide it. otherwise you just sit on the couch. i’ve often relied on herb to get through mental blocks.

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