Minutemen To Patrol US-Canadian Border

Check this out:

They are coming with night-vision goggles, cellphones and possibly guns. They plan to unfold their lawn chairs within spitting distance of the Canada-U.S. border on Oct. 1.

What are they trying to do? Keep Americans from escaping to Canada? Or since Bubba’s job has been outsourced to China and he can’t afford cable anymore he’s going to spend his free time kicking back in a lawn chair watching the border for Fox News phantasms of Terror Masters creeping through the Canadian forests? Or is it just some excuse to get in a little varmint hunting? (and man, if they ever do anything to hurt bigfoot . . .)

Article here.


  1. Gotta keep them freezerbacks from sneaking over and stealing US jobs/women/oil somehow, eh?

  2. U.S. oil?

    These guys are interesting (in a Loony Tunes sort of way). I’ll have to keep an eye on these articles!

  3. Not a surprise, but my uncle, before he got out of the coast guard on disablity, used to run interdiction on the Great Lakes between the US and Canada. Mostly, smugglers, who he said often operated out of Indian reservations (no US jurisdiction) were ferrying tobacco products, of all things, but occasionally he’d find guns and drugs. It be hard for me to imagine being able to run coke and heroin from Florida to Canada without selling all of them before I got up North.

    I didn’t have such a bone to pick with the Minutemen at first–like it or not, illegal workers drive down wages–and yes, they do work for less than minimum wage, even in trade jobs like carpentry that easily pay four times as much for unionized jobs… I think if the US had a gastarbeiter program and the IWW ran an immigrant outreach, things would work out fine. But that damn picture of a bunch of volunteer vigilante wannabees–this just makes it obvious, along with that picture, that they’re nationalist, hemi-rascist jerks.

    Bad stuff is cooking at the US-Mexico border, particularly between smuggling rings. But it’s not the type of thing some hired guns flying the Mississippi Battle Flag can fix–or the gubment, for that matter.

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