Think and make poverty history

Meditation expert Matt Clarkson from the UK is conducting an experiment in which Web site visitors will be asked to take part in a meditation to psychically influence leaders of the G-8 summit to make poverty history.

The experiment has been designed to coincide with the G-8 summit being held at Gleneagles where poverty in Africa and the issue of global warming will top the agenda.

Visitors to the Web site will be taken through a 15-minute guided meditation that involves the use of their emotions, their imagination and the focusing of their will and intent to apparently make real changes in the world.

Think and Make Poverty History

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  1. I like the idea, but the first time I did the pathworking it felt too New Age for me. Specifically, I kept hearing Guy Debord and Theodor Adorno telling me that poverty wasn’t the problem, capitalist moronitude was… I realized that feeding images of poverty to The Leader would require his fucked-up, retarded, CNS to process a way of action… which would probably involve spreading “Democracy” to end povert, like we’ve done in Afghanistan and Iraq… Better to cook up a mean-ass servitor and sick it on ’em to help him see the light.

    Might attract some trouble on the astral and real life, though, what with Project Jedi and the First Earth Battalion being re-activated.

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