0 Replies to “A Creationist's View of DINOSAURS and the Theory of Evolution”

  1. What a load of crap! It’s so obvious there were no evil angels leading dinosaurs in a charge. It was the DEMONS controlling the dinosaurs. I think it was Beelzebub who possessed a T-Rex or two, and the rest of the dinosaurs naturally followed them (herbivores are so willing to be led). Who hasn’t seen The Exorcist???

  2. OK, that has to be the single biggest load of crap I have seen since that part in Jusrassic Park where that ladie had her arm shoved in some tricera-poop. I’m just going to leave it at that.

  3. It would be the demons leading the dinosaurs, if the dinosaurs and man both existed at the same time along with the bible days,ongoing, it is possible that god flooded the world to get rid of prehistoric creatures, you ever notice every time they find dinosaur fossils they always find evidence of water back then.

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