The personal website of Charles W. Cosimano, Master of Psionic

Still haven’t had time to really check this site out, but I thought I’d share it anyway:

His Serene Wisdom, Charles W. Cosimano, Master of Psionics, Archmagus and Troublemaker to the Gods, was born on 25, August, 1949, at 10:35 PM in Chicago, Illinois, USA. (WARNING!!! CASTING HIS HOROSCOPE IS VERY DANGEROUS. THE LAST PERSON WHO DID IT GAVE BIRTH TO TWINS AND HE WAS NOT EVEN PREGNANT!)

More: The personal website of Charles W. Cosimano, Master of Psionic

Update: Here’s his new site

(thanks Brennio).


  1. oh sweet. old school, geocities.

  2. I know why society was trained to breathe from their upper chest. This is because of a simple problem we all have and that is image. I remember when I was working out once (I worked out? Wow, I even remembered), I always wondered why I had to keep sucking my stomach in to see my ‘six pack in the making’ when I saw on TV that everyone was so consistently placid with their bodies that they could contain the tightness in their abdomen for – forever!

    I’m so glad I didn’t give in to this procurement at the time.

    Donkeys must rule this planet for a reason.

  3. Uncle Chuckie has always been a true American Hero.
    We have detication pages to him at: &

    • His Serene Wisdom Charles W. Cosimano is a fraud so are you and those things in your websites you are trying to sell.

  4. I was skimming through one of Casimano’s works, Psionics and Terrorism, and came across a wholly fallacious claim in which he asserts that the city of Dayton, OH, was named after his uncle whose first name Dayton as well.

    In truth, the town was named after Jonathan Dayton, a signatory of the Constitution. Born in the 18th century, it absolutely impossible that he would be Casimano’s uncle.

    Why bother to lie about so trivial a subject, particularly when it is so easily proven false? Are his followers really that gullible and unquestioning? Sad.

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