MonthJanuary 2005

R.U. Sirius on food IP

R.U. on this Wired News story:

What are the implications of a corporate bio-agribusiness leader trying to apply Microsoft type controls over the ?software? that grows food? The application of intellectual property lawas to induce intentional scarcity in the area of food strikes me as a potential crime against humanity that ? taken to its logical extreme ? threatens to make Chairman Mao?s ?Great Leap Forward? look like a vegan picnic.

Full Story: Counter Culture Through the Ages: “Food Pirates” Being Sued by Monsanto

The ultimate battle between good and evil: High Priest of White Witches vs. Aleister Crowley’s bed

My money’s on the bed:

A HOTEL bed which belonged to devil-worshipper Aleister Crowley is to be exorcised.

The white witch who will conduct the ceremony to stop strange happenings disturbing guests says the ritual will be ‘the ultimate battle between good and evil’.

Full Story: The Daily Record: Hotelier exorcises devil-worshipper Crowley’s old bed

(thanks Brenden).

True Names

A new blog from that sounds promising:

The term ‘true name’ comes from magical traditions where it is believed that knowledge is power, and one of the surest ways to get knowledge of something was to have a name for it. A name being not only a definition but a contagious and associative link with the thing. The common words we use to refer to things are nothing more than a rudimentary label, whereas the true name of that thing is akin to a complete understanding of its entire being. If such a thing were possible. In Vinge’s story this amounted to knowing the users real name and thus where their body was jacked in; you could do anything in the Other Plane just as long as no one could actually kill you. Though you could say that about the real world too.

True Names

(via Vortex Egg)

Anarchist zine pdf library

Check it it out:

Have you ever noticed how so many anarchist ideas remain on the internet? Have you noticed that the few anarchist publications around get more contributions than production help, and that so many ideas never make it into any of them? Have you also ever noticed that many people won’t take the time to search for anarchist ideas even though they may agree with them? We think we have some ideas to get anarchist ideas off the internet, have unlimited printing and distribution possibilities, and to put anarchist ideas into the hands of curious people.

This isn’t a new idea, it is based on Schnews in the UK and fax spammers of the 90’s. The idea is to use people’s existing printers and copy machines for a radically decentralized printing and distribution network.

I’d love to see something like this dedicated to magic as well. We’re working on getting an occult and sacred text library running on Key23, and a small form occult propaganda would be a nice additional section.

Portland IMC: A Revolution in anarchist Printing

(via Last Word Blog)

Esoterica journal

Michigan State University’s academic journal on, well, esoterica subjects.


(via Post Human Blues).

New discovery shows mammals hunted dinosaurs

In case you haven’t heard yet:

A startling discovery has been made by scientists in a remote village in China where they have identified the fossilized remains of a tiny dinosaur in the stomach of a mammal, putting to rest all the previous notions that early mammals could not possibly attack and eat a dinosaur.

Link That article is gone but here’s another source.

(via Vortex Egg)

New chaos magic magazine published the first issue of their new print magazine.

Konton Magazine Issue 1

(via Key 23).

Wombaticus Rex’s Islamabad

Wombaticus Rex ‘s EP Islamabad is available for download.

Steroid Maximus Aclectasis

A song that’s been on rotation too much lately: Steroid Maximus’s Aclectasis. It’s the theme song for The Venture Brothers, but I’ve been a Thirwell fan for a long time. It’s about time I tracked down his newer (past few years) works.

I found the song on this Idiot’s Guide to Dreaming post. There’s another exotica post here.

Rare and unreleased Coil tracks

Mystical Beast posts some rare and unreleased Coil tracks.

Full Story: The Mystical Beat: Rare and unreleased Coil tracks

(via Idiot’s Guide to Dreaming)

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