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Am I insane? I could SWEAR that there was a section of Jorn Barger’s historical Jesus FAQ that said that Jesus probably never existed. But now I can find no such thing, even in old versions. Anyone else read it and remember seeing a section about it? One of the primary arguments was that the Romans, who kept detailed records of all crucifixions, had no record of him being crucified.

there’s another reference on the topic here, I just skimmed it and didn’t see a reference to the lack of a crucifixion record.

(Of course, if the Jews crucified him, not the Romans, the Romans may not have kept a record of it, though it doesn’t seem likely to me. And just because he wasn’t cruficied doesn’t mean he didn’t exist.)


  1. Crucifixion was a Roman punishment, not Jewish, so if the Jews did it, they did it by getting the Romans to do the dirty deed, in which case there would still be a record.

    I think the best argument for Jesus not historically existing as represented in the Bible is that the story of Jesus is so obviously a retelling of myths that were ancient even in the days of Jesus.

  2. The Romans had at least a minimal involvement in it, and it seems likely that they would have kept a record. But I’m no expert on ancient Roman sociology.

    It’s also been speculated that Jesus existed in a much earlier time period.

  3. similarities in orphic myths & ophidian.. be ye wise as serpents & the whole serpent = vampire thing, the vampiriphagic nature of communion – a dozen centuries of empire building as religious indoctrination – yeah. I think jesus was a plot by vampire reptillians.. momentarily. there’s the odin tie-in, jesus showing up in north america, the jesus in africa, & all them sightings of jesus in clouds and waffles. if he wasn’t real then he is now: (everything’s real if it can be wrapped in plastic and sold)

  4. I’ve never heard this before:

    In the Bible version of The Greatest Story Ever Told, Jesus Christ was crucified at Calvary and rose from the dead three days later to save mankind from sin. Not so, says local legend in Shingo; that was his brother Isukuri. In reality, Christ escaped the clutches of the Romans, fled across land carrying his brother’s severed ear and a lock of hair from the Virgin Mary and settled down to life in exile in the snowy isolation of Northern Japan.

    Here he married a woman called Miyuko, fathered three daughters and died at the age of 106. Two wooden crosses outside the village mark the graves of the brothers from Galilee and a museum makes the case that the man we call Jesus Christ the carpenter was known around these parts as garlic farmer Daitenku Taro Jurai.

    found here:

  5. the jesus never existed information:

    mefi had a post on this today

    and had a denied fpp nov. 30th that’s all gnosticy

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