Mindwarp‘s first piece for Key 23 is up, a review of Psychic TV’s recent San Francisco gig.

GPO these days is quite a sight to see (here’s a recent pic), as he continues his experiment of alchemical/surgical/cosmetic fusion with his wife, Lady Jaye Breyer. The aim of this process (which the couple laid out in the 2003 essay “Breaking Sex!”) is for the two P-Orridges to achieve the creation of a third entity through a process of ?cut-up? of their own bodies, which is making them more and more similar to each other. The two recently got a matched pair of breast implants, and Genesis’ surgical alterations so far include a substitution of all his teeth with a set of gold replacements, and enhancements of his cheekbones (and, judging by their size, maybe his lips as well). Down to the smallest choice of gestures, schtick and vocal timbre, Genesis comes across more and more as the lascivious diva who, on some hidden level, he?s been all along.

Key 23: Psychic TV: Live in San Francisco