The Secret Marriage of Art and Magick

Excellent essay by Angel Tech author Antero Alli:

Between words, music, and images, the human species’ enraged poetic imagination toils to rearrange the way we see, hear and feel the world: the way we end up living our lives. The efforts of these struggles are immense — imagine Jacob wrestling with the angel — and their effects, as fundamentally unstable as the high seas themselves. We are a culture dreaming itself — ourselves — into history, with as little as a song, a prayer, and a vision…and are entering that portal where almost anybody with enough commitment, courage and vision can step forth and join history, herstory, our story in the making. Whether it’s on the streets and/or incognito computerized virtual realities, the time has come for the chaotic emergence of the species’ own intuitive genius. How will we recognize it ? What will it look like and what will it do ? It transmits a dream more optimistic than the beats, more precise than the hippies, more dynamic than the new agers and more soulful than the bleak cyberpunks. What’s “it” ? All these occultural movements make up the groundwork of its unfoldment. What “it” is, however, is now up for grabs which makes IT all the more breath-taking, dangerous and alive.

Occulture: The Secret Marriage of Art and Magick

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