Radio Praha interviews David Cerny:

Provocation is the amplified…uh…amplified reason why the art exists. What’s supposed to be called ‘art’ and not design has to have something behind. Has to have some message, whatever. Of course, it can have a static message. But it has to have a message, it’s not a ‘chair’. You can have certain chairs, which might become, after years, even art, if they weren’t developed solely as functional objects, but, also with something in mind. So, we call it provocation, but it just means ‘stronger’. And I do sometimes use stronger messages… Personally, I would rather not do any political art… I prefer to do things ‘above’, you know, local bullshit. And I was asked ‘Will you eventually change the video when the president will be changed?’ And I was thinking about it, but this is a piece that was created at this time, and it is in a certain way of course ‘commentary’. As any piece of art has something to do with the time it was created

(thanks Mark!)