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The Vision Thing is a business blog I’ve just discovered. I like this post skewering the bogus “and generation” hype. But I’m a little confused by their post about Fast Company. Sure Fast Company is gimmicky, and quick to hype new gimmicks (hene the “fast” bit). That’s the nature of the glossy business magazine game. And I’m not sure about the second example they cite, the bit comparing the What Should I Do With My Life? artice with the What Do I Do Now issue. I don’t see how these articles are incompatable.

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  1. The articles are “technically” incompatible because if you laid out some kind of Master Plan for your life (per that issue) then you wouldn’t be asking “what do I do now” 6 months later.

    Same with dieting. If you’re committed to losing weight, and you have a plan for doing so, you’re probably not doing the Dr. Phil diet one month, then Atkins the next, and so on.

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