The future of occulture: Key 23

Key 23, a new occulture group blog from Mad Ghoul, Sauceruney, Wes, Mindwarp, LVX23 and me, launched today. From Michael’s history of the project:

What is Key 23? Key 23 comes from author Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles graphic novel. Originally termed Key 17, and then remonikered with the 23 later in the series, Key 23 is a chemical substance that forces the person under its influence to confuse words with the concepts that they represent, ultimately leading to a blurry line between reality and the written word.

That is our attempt here: to blur consensus reality with the concepts and ideas that you’ll be reading about and we’ve assembled a team like no other to accomplish this task.

As a result of my involvement in this project, Technoccult will be in for a big change. But not until after I get back from Austin.


  1. Egads! The announcement reads like you’ve just formed a League of Superheroes. You know what that means, don’t you?

  2. We *have* formed a league of superheroes.

  3. And here I am, pissing away all my time in the Los Angeles underground.

  4. That’s funny–I used to run a similarly themed webpage called Key 23 back in uh 98 or 99, what a small world indeed

  5. just wait until we launch k-24

  6. Jason, then consider this a retro-revival. Kind of like Member’s Only jackets. No, wait…

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