One more plug for tonight: Have I mentioned that Abuddha’s Memes is back?

Recognizing, Dear Readers, that I have been away an inordinate amout of time, especially considering the pace of the blogosphere, I can only plead the direst of poverty and utterly unsuitable housing. This enforced break from the web has, however, refreshed my take on things; and slowed my need/greed for information whilst increasing my appreciation of actual deeds. The ‘net is absolutely the most important advance in human communication since Gutenberg. This does not, and must not, abrogate our (trans)personal responsibilities and needs.

We of the ‘developed’ world are indeed the most fortunate group of humans. And yet at the same time we are the most despicable, spoiled, distracted, and disgusting (sub)species to have ever inhabited this planetship. How we deal with this primary, seemingly intractable hypocricy will define our suvivability, and that of most other species.