eyeball jewellery (with pic)

The latest fashion must-have: eyeball jewellery

Dutch eye surgeons have implanted tiny pieces of jewellery called “JewelEye” in the mucous membrane of the eyes of six women and one man in cosmetic surgery pioneered by an ophthalmic surgery research and development institute in Rotterdam.

The procedure involves inserting a 3.5mm wide piece of specially developed jewellery ? the range includes a glittering half-moon or heart ? into the eye’s mucous membrane under local anaesthetic at a cost of 500 to 1,000 euros.

Wow. I’m impressed.


  1. I don’t know, Wes. It might be impressive, but I’m not really too keen on anybody sticking something into my eye. Who knows what happens if your eye starts to reject it.

    … and that’s way too much money for something to possibly go wrong in the future.

  2. true – tissue rejection was my first thought (the eye in that picture looks a little irritated already) & true (looks like 1000 euro is about 1200 us) but is this surgery any different than implanting contact lenses?

    mainly I’m impressed someone did this, someone said “Hey, I want to develop the technology and technique to implant a small piece of metal on the surface of someone’s eye” and then went out and did it.. and it causes cultural ripples, to see that kind of image in the news.

    (so maybe I’m impressed by the cultural ripple)

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