I just keep getting furthur behind in my commentary… but I want to link to this article about hipster conservatism and racism (via Wonkette)now. It ties into other stuff I’ve been thinking about and wanting to write about. Just take so much time and effort to articulate… (at times it seems this article equates conservatism with racism, which is wrong, but it’s still worth reading). Couple things from the comments:

Jim Goad predicted in Redneck Manifesto that there would be a wave of faux-redneckism which would appropriate all the trappings but none of the experience. Sounds like ol’ Jim was onto something. And he would laugh his ass off at these posing twits, me thinks.


That the vice asshats pretend its ironic? pretend its a prank? That they try to make anyone who gets offended feel unhip?

(Side note, before Urban Outfitters raised hackles with this shirt, they pulled this stunt)