New Neofiles: Richard Metzger and more

The new NeoFiles is out already! It includes a new interview with Richard Metzger:

Aleister Crowley said once that the “magical” way to open a door was to walk across the room, turn the knob and pull and so – and I am being serious when I say this – the fact that you can basically go on the Internet and with a few simple “commands” make a book appear in the mail a few days later – that’s a magical act. You don’t even have to leave your home! And that also serves to illustrate how computer programming can be seen as directly analogous to following a spell from a medieval grimoire, if you take my point. It’s all about putting the effort into the right place isn’t it? I mean, you could try to constrain a demon to do your bidding and bring you that book, too, of course, but Amazon might be a little quicker!

Which is not to say that there isn?t a “hoodoo” component to magick, either, and when strange synchronicities and coincidences start to give you the “cosmic wink” well then you know you’re doing something right. But that’s another discussion entirely.

NeoFiles: Magical Connections.

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