Today’s Trendcentral Newsletter:

Similar to the recent flash mob phenomenon, the idea of taking over, or in some way owning the urban landscape is becoming popular with trendsetters. Referred to as “urban reclamation”, “urban exploration”, and “space hijacking,” this desire to discover random or out of the way places in one’s own city is becoming so appealing that trendsetters are seeking out abandoned areas such as the High Line in NYC, an elevated train track on the West Side between 34th and 17th Streets. We have also heard of organized events in unusual places, such as parties in subway cars in NYC (including streamers and punch), happenings in empty schoolyards after hours in Chicago, and most recently a guerrilla party/fashion show at a Wal-Mart in Oconee County, Georgia. Artists in NYC are also participating in The Outlaw Project, which is a temporary series of art installations in unorthodox locations, such as bar bathrooms.

Exploring urban landscapes and nontraditional settings may take off because it offers an interesting experience which is often much more attainable than material things in these financially pressed times.

How is this different from the early [insert any underground scene here] scene? That it’s being done by “normal” people? Hm.

And is this “urban exploration” anything to do with the old, rather dangerous subculture, or does this merely involve going out and look for abandoned spaces?