The Control Manifesto

Part of an online serialized novel by Ran Prieur. The Control Manifesto is part of chapter 2.1:

The fact that nature permitted control to emerge out of it, is evidence that chaos wants to be controlled. The fact that we are destroying nature proves that control is superior to chaos. “Environmentalists” who complain about toxins and species extinctions are misunderstanding the whole situation. There can be no middle ground. If chaos is preferable to control, we should go back to being animals, copulating in the green grass and eating roots and berries. If control is preferable to chaos, we must exterminate all biological life.

Apocalypsopolis by Ran Prieur. Mirror here.

(thanks Brenden)

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  1. The sentence above: “There can be no middle ground” is clearly nonsense, based on an insufficient knowledge of theological, cosmological or cosmological thoughts. Quite a lot of various schools have come up with such
    “middle ground” scenarios. E.g. Gnosticism, where
    chaos is FORCED into ordered submission (cosmos)by the intervention of the architect-creator
    (the demiurge). What we, from inside the created universal existence, define as Chaos, does not automatically lead to the conclusion, that this
    Chaos is a total vacum (the ultimate emptiness).
    There are indications, that it’s still structured
    in some mysterious way, which is so strange to us, that it at first appears to be devoid of any coherence. I think such naive postulates as the control manifesto is based on a mix of ignorance and semantic disorientation (arrogantly leaving the reader with only two dogmatic choices). Whoever wrote this: Start studying a bit first.

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