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Zen Werewolf says: “I’m struck by how similiar Pow Wow is to Hoo Doo, Santeria, or (possibly) Rastafarian – folk beliefs masked behind rituals that mimic the dominant religious form out of fear of persecution.”

Wikipedia: Pow Wow

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  1. I don’t know if I would say that Pow Wow is similar to Santeria in the respect of masking folklorish rituals behind the dominant religion.

    Santeria needed to mask their beliefs behind the Catholic saints in order to avoid persecution.

    With Pow Wow, it seems more along the lines of local legends and remedies being incorporated in the religious belief system (without persecution being involved). You can find this in every religion, including Roman Catholicism.

  2. Pow wow appears to be a magical system hiding within the german protestants of PA from everything I’ve read up until now. I updated my original post with some of the material which had led me to draw my original conclusion.

    Tell me what you think – at the very least the links between Santeria, Voodoo, and Pow Wow through their choice of magical texts is fascinating.

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