And speaking of “rich progressives,” here’s an interview with Kenneth Cole:

“It’s hard to ignore the hand that feeds you,” Cole said, “and today our communities are far more needy than they’ve ever been, and governments neither have the will nor the ability in many cases to provide the services that they need to. So, if the private sector doesn’t step forward, I don’t know who will.” […]

“I’m actually in the process of running from office,” he said in Chicago. “I’ve got so much access and ability to do so much great social outreach and public service as a private person. I think I can do much more where I am.”

Makes me want to read Footnotes.

And then, on the other hand, is this. I’m pretty skeptical about anti-sweatshop people, but the situation in Burma sounds pretty grim. But as always, the question remains… would Burma be better off without these jobs? I wonder what Cole’s reaction to this was, I can’t find any follow up.