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Writing Game

This message is for Brenden Simpson – I don’t have access to ICQ right now, and I’m never sure what your e-mail address is. But, anyone interested is welcome to reply.

While I’m waiting for the perfect Live Journal narrative idea and video graffiti idea to strike me, how about:

1. We write an outline, with say 10 landmarks (more might be necessary).

2. We setup a content managment system.

3. We take turns writing 250 – 500 word chapters.

4. We plan it out so that we alterate hitting landmarks.

5. The idea is, to make it challenging for the other guy to execute his assigned point on the landmark without doing ridiculous things.

6. Also, keeping consistent with characterization will be a challenge.

7. We should probably write the outline ourselves, but it would be fun to invite more people to play.

8. One chapter a week?

Live Journal as an interactive narrative tool

Thoughts on the Live Journal interactive narrative idea:

1. I don’t want to do “the story game” (where each person writes a piece of the story).

2. I don’t want to do a simple novel serialization like Class of 91 or a “writing in public” exercise like Listener by Ellis or Unwirer by Cory Doctorow and Charlie Stross. But, I wouldn’t rule out the idea of doing a project using Movable Type, a wiki, or some other collaboration ware. (Brenden, you game?)

3. I’m thinking of trying to work with non-fiction (to be true to the journaling purpose of the community). But I don’t want to duplicate the Fray or City Stories and the like.

4. I want to find some way to integrate filters, social network features, commenting and so on.

5. Perhaps a sort of non-fiction role-playing game? Or a game with “assignments” to be carried out in real life, and then reported on in the journal?

Second issue of New World Disorder out now

Klintron here, just popping in to remind you to check out the new issue of New World Disorder.

New World Disorder

Warren Ellis has an online novel

So, Warren Ellis is serializing a novel on Live Journal. I haven’t had enough screen time to read it yet, but I like the idea. I wonder if he’ll finish this product.

I started thinking about using LJ this way back when I first saw Jason’s Class of 91 which is serialized on Blogspot. Mainly, it was the idea of being able to use LJ’s community features to promote a project that I found appealing.

Since Becca gave me an LJ account recently, I’ve been thinking about trying to come up with some sort of interactive narrative or art experiment that would benefit from living in the LJ environment. Still not sure what the hell to do, though. Reminds me that someone from the Process mailing list is doing an interactive story with a wiki, but it would take some digging to find the link.


I haven’t really watched anime since I was in high school, but I’ve been really digging FLCL. Adult Swim themselves say it’s the weirdest show they’ve ever run. Which is quite possible. The sexuality in this show is very strange. As near as I can tell, it’s some sort of metaphor for sexual hang-ups. Anyway, fun show with a great soundtrack.

What is the Matrix?

Q: What is the matrix?

A: It’s a government program that’s meant to mimic the dreaded TIA on a statewide level. It’s the bureaucratic underpinning of the Orwellian state…

Neo: Gaaawd nooooo this can’t be real, this can’t be happening…

Morph: I just promised you the truth. I mean, I could have given you some crazy idea about human batteries and subsequently ruin the plot for you but I’m simply telling you about the desert of the real…ly nightmarish paranoid style of the Bush administration…and related: anti-war left already being tracked by government. The writer says this is fascism now, not latter stages or warning shots…

Moore Dominates Harveys

Speaking of Alan Moore, it looks like he took home a bunch of Harveys. He won for best writer of Promethea. I have mixed feelings about that because I don’t think much of the occult and a lot of those issues were thinly disguised explorations of his own mystic philosophy, something that he’s already explored in some of those performance art comics of his. Still, there were some wondrous moments. I’ve gone back to enjoying the series again now that Promethea has returned to Earth so to speak…The latest issue features a guest appearance by the Tom Strong crew, or an alt universe Tom Strong considering how they jump around realities so much.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen also won two awards: one for best single issue (the first issue of Volume II with that incredible Martian Warrior cover) and for best continuing series. Certainly, these are well deserved. I still can’t believe one guy can do this many quality comics. I’ve always thought Steve Gerber could hang with him–like Moore he knows a lot about the Dark Arts as well as physics–but he couldn’t produce such a quantity of ambitious stuff. I suppose Gerber gets his revenge with Howard the Duck, where he makes fun of both Moore and a thinly disguised Warren Ellis.

Hey Folks!

First, I’m honored that Klint has asked me to fill in for awhile. As some of you may know, I run two sites of my own, one is called Three River Tech Review, where I do sort of the same tech stuff that Klint does here. And I also run a site called Majic 12 where I write about comics and science-fiction. So, and I hope this sounds modest, I’m not a totally unreasonable choice to be guestblogging for a while.

I tend to be consumed by science fiction and science fact. The only thing that I’m not all that into is religion or the occult in any fashion. Even though my favorite writer right now, Alan Moore, is definitely into that hoodoo voodoo man. I can’t say his beliefs in the mystical take away from his art. But when in Rome…I’ll try to raid Jason Lubyk’s site for some of that crazy magic mojo.

Let’s hope we all learn something.

Philip Shropshire

PS: There might be some overlap! As you might imagine, I link to the same kinds of things that Klint does…

Please welcome our new guest editor, Philip Shropshire

Philip Shropshire of Three River Tech Review, Majic 12, and Better Humans is joining us as guest editor for a couple weeks while I look for housing and work in Seattle. I can’t wait to see what he posts!

Cutting-Edge Science Creates Stain-Free Pants


Scientists are wrestling with individual atoms to develop molecule-sized computers, tiny cancer-fighting robots that travel the bloodstream … and stain-resistant trousers.

Reuters: Cutting-Edge Science Creates Stain-Free Pants

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