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This message is for Brenden Simpson – I don’t have access to ICQ right now, and I’m never sure what your e-mail address is. But, anyone interested is welcome to reply.

While I’m waiting for the perfect Live Journal narrative idea and video graffiti idea to strike me, how about:

1. We write an outline, with say 10 landmarks (more might be necessary).

2. We setup a content managment system.

3. We take turns writing 250 – 500 word chapters.

4. We plan it out so that we alterate hitting landmarks.

5. The idea is, to make it challenging for the other guy to execute his assigned point on the landmark without doing ridiculous things.

6. Also, keeping consistent with characterization will be a challenge.

7. We should probably write the outline ourselves, but it would be fun to invite more people to play.

8. One chapter a week?


  1. I like it, been a while since I’ve thought about this subject but here is a twist on the proposed structure:

    Rather then break down the writing by chapter, how about breaking it down by narrative voice. The writers all become actors in a sense. A narrative framework is set up and then each writer tells the story from the perspective of their narrator. Plays off the blog form well, each narrator could have their own blog, or site of some sort, so the story gets told by various perspectives.

  2. I’ve pinged your Yahoo and Technoccult emails. More data exchange thataway, Birdman.

  3. Sounds like a good idea, it solves the problem of voices changing every turn. It might provide an easy way out for characterization consistency.

    Would you like to play, Abe? It would only require writing once every few weeks.

  4. What sorts of landmarks did you have in mind?

  5. Well, first we need a story, I expect. I was think that anarchofacist world conquest story we talked about a couple years ago, but you’re already doing an epic world conquest story.

  6. The Wild West if it happened in (or the time period was superimposed over) Ancient China. Dragon six-shooters, that sort of thing. I can see it coming together now.

  7. I know fuck all about ancient China.

  8. That’s what the Internet is for. Well, that or someone else can pitch a better notion.

    If that’s possible.

  9. I don’t know if I can get a good enough understanding of ancient Chinese culture (or old west culture, for that metter) to feel comfortable writing that period without pretty extensive research. Let’s stick to the modern world, or imagined worlds.

  10. Rural Botswana is nice in the autumn, I’m told.

    Pick a city or general region. Shanghai, Seattle, Paris, Prague, Gaborone, Galveston. Whatever you want. We can go from there.

  11. More important than city I think is genre: fantasy, sci-fi, contemp fiction, crime noir? I think crime noir would work pretty well for medium we’re working in.

  12. What exactly is this project? Is it like the Space Invaders game that was linked on PLSJ, except with narration?

  13. This project is just supposed to be a fun game, that will hopefully also be fun to read. I can’t figure out what the space invaders thing is about, but I haven’t spent a lot of time on the site (I’m on dial-up and have a limited amount of time I can spend on the computer, so looking at a lot of graphics heavy pages doesn’t work out). I think my idea for a Live Journal project is more like the space invaders thing, though. This is a pretty straight-forward blog-fiction project.

  14. Crime noir is good. I’ll just put on my fedora and start packing heat. Maybe buy a button that says “Untouchable” for my lapel.

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