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The Craft of Information Architecture: Technoccult

An interesting essay exploring the connections between cyberspace and the astral plane. The Craft of Information Architecture: Technoccult

Black Magic Mind War

William S. Burroughs on high tech mind control:

Now anyone who has lived for any time in countries like Morocco where magic is widely practiced has probably seen a curse work. I have. However, the curses tend to be hit or miss, depending on the skill and power of the operator and the susceptibility of the victim. And that isn’t good enough for the CIA or similar organization: “Bring us the ones that work not sometimes but every time.” So what is the logical step forward? TO DEVISE MACHINES THAT CAN CONCENTRATE AND DIRECT PSYCHIC FORCE WITH PREDICTABLE EFFECTS. (See the chapter in the Iron Curtain book on PSYCHIC GENERATORS.) I suggest that what the CIA is or was working on at the top secret Nevada installation may be described as COMPUTERIZED black magic. If curse A doesn’t make it, Curse Program B automatically goes into operation and so on.

Black Magic Mind War

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The Political Gnosis of Philip K. Dick

An article in New Dawn Magazine explores the prescience of Philip K. Dick’s writings in light of 9/11 and the Bush administration’s reactions.

New Dawn Magazine: The Political Gnosis of Philip K. Dick

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Terrence McKenna: I Understand Philip K. Dick

“However, Nixon’s weary world ignored the eschatological opportunity I thought my brother’s inspired fiddling with hyperspace had afforded. The world continued grinding forward in its usual less than merry way. There was only one small incident that might subsequently be construed, even within the framework of the schizoid logic that was my bread and butter then, to support my position. Unknown to me, a struggling, overweight SF writer, an idol of mine since my teens, discovered the next day that his house have been broken into, his privacy violated by the Other. How peculiar that on the first day of the new dispensation in my private reformist calendar, he had been burglarized by extraterterrestials the CIA or his own deranged self in an altered state. The torch had been passed, in a weird way the most intense phase of my episode of illumination/delusion ended right where Phil’s began.”

The Psychedelic Shakespeare Solution: I Understand Philip K. Dick

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Bird the size of a plane spotted in Alaska

I guess the biggest paranormal news this week is the spotting of a bird the size of a plane. I saw this first on the Drudge Report, this link comes from Ellis.

CNN: Paper: Massive bird spotted in Alaska

NoveltyNet Archives

NoveltyNet is an “Online Archive for Orphaned Information.” It’s got a bunch of interesting occult, paranormal, and conspiracy material. They’re looking for archived episodes of Disinfo’s Infinity Factory, if anyone’s got ’em.

NoveltyNet Archives

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Lawyer Claims 1971 Photo Proves AIDS Was Manufactured

Boyd Graves, an African American lawyer and civil rights activist claims to have evidence that proves that AIDs is a creation of the US government. “The recently uncovered HIV documents predate the first known cases of HIV/AIDS in America and Africa by more than ten years. However, his latest finding may be the most direct link yet: A 1971 photograph made with an electron microscope showing a manmade virus that is identical to the HIV virus.”

Boyd Graves: 1971 Photo Proves AIDS Is U.S. Government Creation

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High Tech Sleuths Get New Tool

Technology inspired by a NASA space probe will soon be helping detectives solve gun crimes and murder cases far faster. A simple handheld device that instantly confirms whether a suspect has recently fired a gun means lab delays will not allow suspects time to get away.

New Scientist: Space probe kit will fight terrestrial crime

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Clockwork Orange Inspired by Real Life CIA Mind Control Experiments

Looks like Clockwork Orange author Anthony Burgess was involved with the CIA’s MK-ULTRA project:

According to the anonymous source, Burgess became involved with the CIA while working as a Colonial Service education officer in Malaya in the 1950s.

There he became a party to trials for a mind-control process designed to trigger emotional responses in the brain using pain and pleasure ? the inspiration, it is claimed, for the chilling Ludovico Technique in A Clockwork Orange.

The Independent: CIA mind-control trials revealed as secret inspiration behind ‘A Clockwork Orange’

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Building the Underground Computer Railroad

Alameda County Computer Resource Center in Oakland, Free Geek in Portland, and a group in Los Angeles are all recycling unwanted computers and components for use for global activism or for low-income individuals. Sort of like Bikes Not Bombs, only for computers. Does anyone know of anyone other organizations doing this sort of thing?

Salon: Building the underground computer railroad

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