How to Live in a Simulation

Recently, Post-Atomic linked to this article about Nick Bostrom’s theory that we may be living in a simulation. Then Boing Boing posted a link to Bostrom’s paper. It makes me realize that Robin Hanson’s essay How to Live in a Simulation might be useful.

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  1. You are on your way to work. you leave your home, look around and see the streets deserted, jump in your car, get ready to back out only to find the streets now filled with cars, pedestrians, kids chasing balls, small mammals, etc. I call it “The Truman Show effect”. The simulation is out to get you.

    Am I a transhuman participating in a simulation? I think I made a mistake. Time to call for tech support. It’s like the idea of re-incarnation, I have definitely not been here before.

    At what point does a simulation become useless or dangerous? An interesting question, asked here.

    Anyway. Thanks for the document links.

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