Extreme Bio-Hacking: Wings and Tails for Humans

Great Moon Hoax of 1835

Dr. Joe Rosen at the Dartmouth Medical Centre believes that within five years he’ll be able to graft extra limbs such as wings and tails to humans. According to a Guardian Unlimited article “When we have a limb amputated, our neural map of that limb gradually fades away; and if we gain a body part, our neural map expands accordingly.” Rosen says “If I were to give you wings, you would develop, literally, a winged brain. Our bodies change our brains, and our brains are infinitely mouldable.”

Full Story: The Guardian: I’m having my wings done

(via Thumbmonkey).

Update: It appears that as of Spring 2007 Dr. Rosen is now more focused on facial reconstructive surgery than these more fringe pursuits.


  1. Really?
    Where do I sign up for a tail?!
    I always wanted one, even missed one…
    How much and when can I be operated 😉 and after I had mine and it is exactly how I want it, I know 5 other people who’ll stand in line!


    Cedrick the tail-less

  2. Three years left in the count down. Bring on the gargoyles!

  3. OMG! Where can I sign up! I’ve always wanted a silver or black fox tail. And black wings would be really cool!

  4. I’m waiting as well. I’m wondering if you can have the wings to your specifications. Also, can you move your wings at all with possibly borrowing muscles from other areas in your body? Thanks.

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  6. you are all idiots

  7. I’D LOVE A CAT TAIL. I always dreamed of having one… *sigh* If this really does happen, I MUST KNOW. 😀
    I was also wondering – the wings wouldn’t be powerful enough to let you fly even the slightest above the ground, would they? Just there like a penguin (only on the back and bird-like)???
    Would these be mechanical? It’d most likely have to be mechanical… Unless you found some miraculous way on how to bond animal and human tissue together so it’d actually work and not die off…

  8. WOW! O.o! Please let this happen! All my life I’ve wanted wings! Pleaseeeeee, I beg this guy to make it work!

  9. the wing technology will only give people wings similar to bat’s wings, flesh. And no one will be able to fly with them, they would just be for show.

    As for the tail, Again fleshy, But I think they are working on something to make them prehensile which would be useful, but not likely in our lifetime.

  10. I would give my life to have certain animale limbs o.o
    1; Great hearing, so I’ll barley get deaf when I get old.
    2. A tail, since some days I can have pretty bad balence! XD;
    3. I could careless about modifying my normal body parts, I could really careless about ‘rinkles’ under the eyes or any of that natraul junk.
    Advancing humans to have extra limbs to help with ordinary lifes and spice things up is a great idea!
    And here I thought that when i was older id have to do all the work.
    There should be more Doctors around like him!

  11. That would be the COOOLEST thing ever i mean seriously think of one downside to a tail. You Cant because there isnt lol. I personaly would like an opisible tail so that i may not only hang as well as get extreme balance . The one problem i could find with the whole wing idea is that humans dont have the blood supply / heart muscle/ and lung power to really sustain flight or even to move then not even touching the idea of getting them linked to the brain so u could use it. If this guy can do it though that would be awsome i would GIVE ALL THE MONEY I HAVE

  12. It would be really nice to have wings. It would be very divine and I would like that.

    I hope this is true and hope I can sign up for some ~~WINGS~~!

  13. people who want wings dont have disorders. They have a dream to have wings or to be able to fly and if having wings is a close as we can get were going to do it. This is nothing like plastic surgery either. We are not improving ourself or trying to get attention we want them because well… they are cool and beutiful and can be made unique. I say sign me up for the wings and i know many more behind me. Just make sure its safe first.

  14. Paul from Denmark

    May 14, 2007 at 4:19 am

    hmm?.. i want wings but its quiet impossible because you need to change your chest size to 3 as big i mean like a pyramid (almost) like this

    your body:

    o = the head
    |> = the breast 3x
    A = the feet

    and then you need a wing tale in your butt so you can control when you are flying and if you want a wing its must be like 7 meters (3,5 meters each wings) .. but i really want some wings its soo cool.. be free.. and i live far away from my school.. and if miss the bus.. then i can take my wings instead.. and it dont contaminate the atmosphere

    (please write back Paul age 15)

  15. Man id give anything for a redish fox tail so were can I reach him

  16. im definatley signing up for a pair of wings this is crazy but it would be better in a way to help lead up what people would look like in a odd new world

  17. John Gates AKA. Zylo Wolf

    August 15, 2007 at 2:32 am

    The day this breaks on the news would be my happiest day. I’m glad there are some people in the world doing some kind of scientific research on this. I know allot of people that would be very interested in this. I can see a huge empire build just for the purpose of this. I wait for the day I could have a tail… or other Animalistic body parts ie. Ears, Muzzle, Fur, Paws. its like you look animalistic but you still function very much like a human. Even if the technology becomes available though, there will be some people who will disaprove of it. it truely would be a facinating thing to bring into todays ever so advancing would.

    PS. Put me on the list. if it aint you guys looking for people to test on. find them and tell them to put me on the list.
    Thank You

    ~Zylo Wolfen Lord~

  18. Paul from denmark

    September 1, 2007 at 5:32 pm

    yeah sign me in 2…. 3 years to go! wohoo!

    (paul age 16)

  19. I wish I could have a mermaid tail with pure white bird wings.

  20. my one true dream in this world is to have wings. if i could get eagles wings or hawks wings that would absolutely make my dream come true. just to be able to fly… its my dream.

  21. wow how cool i have all ways wanted wing i wounder how much it would cost and could u agtualy fly………………..

    i want some sing me up i would ever be willing to be tested on i dont care i want some!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. god this websites a load of shit

  23. ur all a load of science fuckers i mean come on

  24. Sign me up for a pair of wings. lol. would they cost a lot? and when u say giving wings, do u mean stretching skin and bones to make wings or actually planting wings on? would we be able to fly with them???

  25. bluexxxfrosting

    January 16, 2008 at 1:53 am

    OMG!!!!!!!!! ive always wanted a long black tail!!!!!!! it would be the best ever!!!! i can already think of what i’d do with it!!!!!!

  26. I’ve always wanted wings. More then anything in the world. To be honest, I just thought it was some fantasy that I would never get to live. The thought that I could actually have WINGS is kinda mind blowing. I’d go through any amount of pain to have a pair of them.

  27. Were can i sighn up for wings?

    I want wings so bad.

  28. I NEED WINGS JUST LIKE THE BOOK, MAXIMUM RIDE. I WANA BE LIKE MAX (my sis wants wings 2) I NEED WINGS SO BAD IT WOULD MAKE MY LIFE NOT SUCH A TOTAL WREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. wings r my life just like jessica! (but i want them WAY more than her lol) where do i sign up? HELL CARES ABOUT THE PAIN!!!!!! I WANT WINGS!!!!!!!

  30. =] I want kitty cat ears and a tail! That would be awsome! No whiskers for me though. Meow!

  31. Hey, I would like just a pair of wings. That would be AWSOME! I could like, fly! would it be possible to fly with the wings with the body wieght? I’d like some.

  32. the past 2 1/2 weeks of my life i felt crazy but also came to this conclusion of wings today.

    then my boyfriend said it was mean to take others wings so i thought maybe an animal that doesnt use there wings such as penguins…but then i was thinking maybe i could just EVOLVE instead of take.human minds are so big why not LEARN to grow wings.

  33. I TOTTALLY want a tail!!!!! Here’s where I found the guy’s name and stuff: http://www.dhmc.org/webpage.cfm?site_id=2&org_id=80&morg_id=0&sec_id=0&gsec_id=2830&item_id=783
    I emailed them and I’m waiting for a reply! I’d MARRY him if he could give me a tail. I jsut want one. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a tail. It’s not about getting attention or anything. I jsut want one because I’ve always felt like it was missing.

  34. please!!! does anyone have any NEW info on this. all the articles i fount are all really the same one. in 2002 he says “in 5 years…” its been 6!!!!!!!!!!! Did this guy die or something????

  35. OMG!!!!!!!! i desperately want wings!!!!!!! i’ve wanted them sense i was 5 years old!!!!!!!!!!!! i would defiantly go throu that 2 get them!!!!!!!

  36. Yeh, 2002 was a long time ago… ;/
    Well whatever, sign me up. I want a black tipped arctic fox tail.
    I’m in the USMC so I’d need it done before it became big enough for the Corps to notice.
    Just like sleeve tattoos… If you had one before it became “against the rules” you could keep it.

  37. Well, it’s been way over five years now and still nothing that I’ve seen but that doesn’t mean I won’t stop dreaming about it. I’ve wanted a tail ever since I was three, no kidding, and I would literally do anything to get one, I always knew it was supposed to be there and just wasn’t for some reason. I just really hope this works out for all of us. Guinea Pig reporting for duty.

  38. Here’s some slightly newer stuff I found but not up to date.

  39. Flying For Freedom

    September 20, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    It would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    awesome if I could have wings( *sigh*), I could be just like the characters in the maximum ride books!!! That would be pure awesomeness.

    Fly High,

  40. A-……….A-…………A-Are, you all ……………. MENTALLY RETARDED!!!! I MEAN WHAT THE DIS!!!

    😀 I want wings! 😀

  41. REALLY?!?!?!?!
    I really want a black cat tail
    please someone tell me were I can sign up for a black cats tail!?
    And also if you could find a way for a pear of black cat EARS on the top of your head that would be awsome to
    I really want this.

  42. I really want to be like max and the flock in the book maximum ride. It is such a great book. GIVE ME WINGS!!!!!!! I may only be eleven but I do not give a crap!!! I wanna soar in the air and be like max. But I was also wondering if wings would be fleshy like a bat or with feathers???

  43. omg please if theres any information about having wings please email me because i would love to have big white wing omg please im begging you :[ i will be greatful if u can make my wish come true

  44. She-who-must-not-be-named

    January 26, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    OMG!!! I ALWAYS WANTED WINGS!!!!!!!!! I really superly want wings!!! Ever since I read maximum ride…SIGN ME UP!! They would be feathery right? Anyway…if anything new comes up…EMAIL ME!!! EVEN THOUGH THIS ISN’T PROBABLY GOING TO HAPPEN!!! I CAN DREAM!!!(yeah my email name is sorta weird…oh well!)

  45. I would give anything for a fox tail! Sign me up!

  46. I need long, tall, wide, huge, and I mean super wingspan and girth bat like wings with a tail very long to aid in balance during flight and gliding. I have very tall long black horns on my head as well. I need a spinal cord very the more resistant to the aging side affects caused by the sun with a body able to heal faster than wear therefore I do not age yet keep my current
    physical maturity sustained indefinately.

  47. Please, i have been willing to be subject to wings and tail. for i am fairly young i will be easier to be experimented on, for my bones will still be younger and more easy to change. I am willing, just send me an email, PLEASE!

  48. Are you guys sure you want wings? Well, what can I say, they ARE awesome.

    Fly on,


  49. I have always wanted wings those like /maximum Ride ans i would gladly have them grafted on me but i would also want to fly with them ans retract them in. I believe that we will be able to fly and get wings so sign me up to become an avian!

  50. if i ever could get wings id like them it would be a huge step in the evelutionary process if humans were to take to the sky and still be able to walk on land if it becomes available send me an email with cost and place

  51. I would love to have wings. If you find the cost and where I would totally get them.

    P.S when you say winged brain what would you mean by that. Do you mean our brains would like automatically know what to do with them

  52. Id like to know when getting a tail would be avalible and if i may id like to offer myself as a tail test subject. What i mean by that is i would be willing to be the first person to try out a tail. Such as the first to ever get surgery to have a tail. I of course would not ask for anything in return for bing your test subject and i know there would be risks and such but please email me back asap and let me know. Even if your not ready to start experimenting putting a tail on a human, i am willing to wait and would like to know how far along the process is.

  53. Bill Whitcomb

    May 11, 2009 at 5:59 pm

    So what? It takes more than wings to make a monkey fly….at least, monkeys as heavy as we are. And if it isn’t going to let you fly, how much money do you want to spend just so you’ll never be able to buy clothes off the shelf again. …not to mention the large number of other things that would no longer fit, like chairs.

  54. Hey jordan, i think i know what the guy who posted this article meant when he said “winged brain”. Now, i have a fairly limited knowledge of how the brain fully functions (seeing as im only in Grade 11 in highschool and only completed the mandatory gr. 9 & 10 science classes and a tech course) but i do know a bit about how all the neural pathways and what not work. See, ive heard that, when a person loses a limb, they have to go through months of physiotherapy to get their bodys to recognize that they have lost a limb and to learn to adapt to losing said limb (with or without the aid of a prosthetic limb) so, i believe that if/when a person gets wings attached to their bodies, we WILL need to go through multiple physiotherapy sessions to help fully forge the neural pathways between the nerves, muscles, joints, etc and our brains to help our bodies to utilize the wings. so, i guess you could say that, over time, we would develop “winged brains”.

  55. Wings would be useless to anyone. We are too heavy to fly. I would rather have a flexible tail that could act like an extra limb instead of some uselss wings.

  56. mE 2

  57. If you do actually develop this stuff shoot me an email, I’d love to be a first test subject, even if it’s in a beta stage of exprimenting. If that’s the case, save a white wolf tail for me, i’m on my way!

  58. if they do start putting tails on humans i think it would have to be a tail like from a horse [dead one ] that would do for me

  59. I always dreamt about having wings, like my back burns after every flying dream I have. My mother says it’s probably just invisible or spiritual wings that are growing. Although having physical wings right now would be wonderful. Yet if we do in some way recieve the tails of other humans, what about matching ears as well? Maybe I just watch to much anime, but wouldn’t it also be great to strengthen your hearing like a wolf, or a simple cat? That would also be amazing, but I perfer wings, none of the less.

  60. scratch that I meant to say of “other animals”. My bad go typos? c:

  61. I emailed the medical center about it. I’m still waiting for a reply, but i’d definitly be the first up for getting a tail. =3

  62. I don’t mind triceps having their own day, you could also build in some shoulder work at the same time. You need to allow more time for rest, rather than just Sunday, your muscles grow during recovery. Also, doing fewer than 8 reps with heavier weights is pretty great for mass-building.

  63. have the surgery ever been conducted yet?what is the success rate?whats the doctors email i wana have a word with him ^^

  64. I have heard of how humans tail bones have shrunk and I thought to myself can we then add a tail to ourselves. I searched online for sugery to add a tail and found about Dr Joe Rosen and I would love to be a tail sugery test subject for this science if I could. I’ve always wanted a tail since I was small, and I think it may be posible.

  65. I maybe a little to young to ask for this even though every one here and the subject seems to be a bit of a youthful theme such but im 15yrs of age rihgt now. So if this is true to be able to aqquire these types of want or need i would please like to be emailed of this.even if the wings dont allow flight i feel this would allow humans to evolve into a much more perfect, sofistocated, capible, and powerful race. For example, if humans were to fly in the year of maybe 3000 or maybe even 2300 and in hopes if it does happen could be right when we do have the ability to have wings, we can acomplish so much to help the world a better envirnment to live. Like no more mobile transportation. I got intrested in seeing one of the negatives of wings “clothing” but thats just an obvious answer. Just cut a slit. Not too hard. Now i know i sound pretty dumb typing this but its because this is just a aubject that really interests me, so i feel i must try to talk in a formal manner. And i appologise for my horrible grammar, it just i think grammar is just a slitly unneeded type of knowledge, just as long people can understand you.

  66. same here wen u hear news of sign ups send me a message

  67. you guys do realize that even if you do get wings that you won’t be able to fly right? people would have to get different body structures to fly and different muscles. also your wings would have to be very large if you were to be able to fly and that would be very inconvienant don’t you think? not to mention if you don’t like the spot light then don’t get wings.

  68. i would love to have wings. i am currently doing spells and stuff to grow them. so far i think it’s working. i don’t have wings YET, but i would love to be a test subject for wings! i’m only 13 but it would be AWESOME! so if i could get the email of that doctor……. I CALL FIRST TEST SUBJECT FOR WINGS! WOOOO HOOOO! YES!

  69. okay. i would love to have wings. absolutely love it. i think that, like people said about tails shrinking and us stil having tailbone, wings were MEANT to be on us, and we have shoulderblades to prove it. I have played around with mine, and i can do absolutely everything with my shoulder blades outstretched, tucked in, loose, and up/down. try it. i have imagined having wings and i know exactly where they would go, i have researched muscles and (being only teen and not having any medical education but an interest in biology), do you think it would be possible to take the pectorals off of a larger animal (ostrich, bear, etc. of that size) and graft it into our bodies and hook it up to all that brain stuff?

  70. What if u were to have both wings and a tail that would be AWSOME. Although it may not our lives but I just to do something with mine. I may be a teen in middle school but still a teen like a lot of people on here. Sometimes u got nothing better to do. Literally.

  71. And if you read my last blog with those typos of leaving words out and you read through it and immediately thought of the word that was supposed to be there then obviously the human brain capable of adaptability and much more. But that is such a small part. Like thinking differently. Being
    Autistic I seem to “catch” things other People don’t see.
    this one time my friend was trying to fix his lawn mower and was only beginning. He was trying to take the seat off and noticing That it opens like a lid. He was trying to get between the Metal plate and seat with a bunch of wrench’s he’s when it Simply slides and comes off. And In the process of doing so he thought I was breaking it.

  72. I changed my try making anomatronic ones instead

  73. I changed my mind again but try animal ears you know like cat ears. Be like two radar dishes. Plus it would complete the tail. Plus the other reason why I changed my mind is everybody is saying about gaining body parts. Well what if you lost one the had your hand cut off in woodshop. Well you can have that hand once again.

  74. How much would this cost because i’m not spending anything above 2,000. Heck my car only cost me 500 bucks and all it needs is a radio. And I I saw this in an ad in a newspaper.

  75. Sorry 2,000$ i’m not perfect but who is

  76. ok I know this was posted in 2002 and its 2010 now so I want to know if sense its been so long are you testing now? It would be awesome to have a tail. Black panter tail!! Anyways I know I’m yough, I’m only 14 years old but please email me if ur testing please!!

  77. Jamine is right we should have gotten tails,wings,ears,paws, well maybe not paws but maybe a new nose you know like a super sniffer. Or webbed hands and feet. Maybe even fins or fur. New body parts right. We should’ve gotten them in 2007.

  78. Jamine is right we should have gotten tails,wings,ears,paws, well maybe not paws but maybe a new nose you know like a super sniffer. Or webbed hands and feet. Maybe even fins or fur. New body parts right. We should’ve gotten them in 2007. Besides better done on us because the outcome may be better. We’re still growing so.

  79. OMG!!! i want cat ears and a long black cat tail so much i cud die!!! if there is any new information send it to me with a cost and place.

  80. Read jamine’s blog dude.
    Something’s up

  81. I am very intrigued by this article. Ive had so many flying dreams it drives me crazy. I would be more then obliged to offer myself as a subject for your experimentation. Ever since I was little, Ive had this strange bone formation formating across the top of my shoulder blade. Lately the skin, muscle, and nerves have been sore as the bone is continueously pushing up against my skin. Im not sure what this is exactly, I’d like to know more about it. I havent been to the doctor yet as it isnt quit serious enough yet, but its getting bad enough to start to bother me. If you have any ideas or suggestions email me and let me know. I will be eagerly awaiting your response.

  82. I totally agree with sonoya. JUST CUT SLITS IN THE FREAKING CLOTHING, PEOPLE! But I have found out that there have been no test subjects up to date, and even if I might lose my life, I would TOTALLY do it if it means people might fly in the near future! Also, this way people would use cars less (I mean come on, once u have flown, it’s probably addicting) and the workld would get better… blah…. blah…. blah……. Im not here to say stuff that no one wants to hear about, like global warming and stuff…, but I DO want to meet this guy, and show him my theory on how the wings can work. I may be 13, but I think i’ve got it. Than again one step at a time… but i dont like waiting 🙂

  83. Hey guys. I’m only 13, but i’ve been doing a bit of research on this subject. I was thinking, what if we created a seperate organ in our bodies where marrow could produce blood. I mean, that way our bones could be much lighter, allowing us to fly. If anyone has any suggestions or anything for me, I’d be happy to hear it

  84. Oh yeah, and if we grafted wings directly under our shoulder bone and attempted to transplant muscles to that area, I dont see why we wouldn’t be able to fly. I mean its a pretty interesting subject and I would love to be able to fly. Remember, if you find anything interesting about this please email me here


  85. i would like to see it happen but wouldent want to be a test subject ima a tail, ear kinda guy
    p.s. 17

  86. i will offer my self to be the first wing test subjet….im very willing….couz i believe…..i will never giveup to have wings(i dont care if its stupidest)

  87. i really want wings. if you go to google, type in “humans with wings”, you will see a picture of a man who mutates himself. he has eagle wings in his back. if you are trying to grow wings, go to 43things.com and type in “grow wings”. i am willing to be a test subject. email me if you know anything special: nudgezrideandtheflock@gmail.com. my names Bree and im 13(:

  88. I see you already have a lot of takers already, but feel free to sign me up for wing testing! I’ll take big, small, scaly, feathered, working or non! Though I would like to at least be able to move them if I can’t fly. ^_^

  89. I would like to have a tail! This way i could become a sayajin just like Goku!

  90. living laughing loving

    November 12, 2010 at 7:53 am

    ohhhhh i want wings! tell me how much when and where and i’ll be thr. i don’t care if some people think wings are usless i want them. i would like to be a test subject, too. tht would be awesome. so email me if anyone knows anything kkmnlop12496@aim.com

  91. I think that wings could be useful in the future. I would also would want to have wings. If anyone knows anything email meat anakaren21498@hotmail.com
    P.S. I would want to be a test subject

  92. How would you do it and if we get bird parts then that would mean that our brain would change.

  93. Ideally, I’d like to keep my body pristine and untouched while I use software to insert my consciousness into another body.

  94. I admit, the notion of having wings is quite promising, but personally I belive they would become quite combersom,especially if they would not fly. And as far as the tail goes, I would love one. Although I do wonder if a tail was grown or attached, would it have fur/hair? Because…. A rat tail…. No thank you. Please PLEASE email me with ANY information anyone knows about. theraven4123@yahoo.com

  95. man im reading a book and the kids have wings and it is sooooo cool now i want wings white

  96. Omg! this is Amazing! i wuld totally LOVE to have wings! that would be amazing! im sooo williang to be a test subject! =)sign me up!

  97. P.s my email is teamjacob737@gmail.com just fyi =)

  98. im a 19 years old student , i weigh 102 pounds and 5.4 ,, im on 1650 calories which is the calories i need to maintain my weight ,but i started eating 1600 to 1650 and still feel kinda tired , and im doing it by eating only indomie , or instant noodles each back has 350 , and i think they have no vitamins , so whats a better way to eat but still eat 1650 calories ,not more

  99. Don’t forget hollow bones yeah I could use wings and hollow bones and a tail EXTREME WAYS TO MOVE AROUND THE CITY the terrain is to hard to bike

  100. WOWZ it is SO past 5 years now but if they figure it out PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME! I’ve always wanted wings my WHOLE LIFE like maximum ride (for you ppl who know way I’m talkin bout) and I’d ABSOLUTELY LOVE to hav wings! It would be SO AWESOME! I’ve dreamed 4 years of havin wings and being able to fly! Just thinking bout it today when I waz walkin home from school…… just dying to open my wings (that is if I had any!!) jump up and shoot in to the air and fly around *sigh*……… I want wings!!!!!!!! ^-^

  101. Yea I have read maximum ride to. I am currently on angel the latest one. but I think we would have a better chance of having tails then having wings. cause we have a tailbone. I have always wanted a tail. just like the tails from AVATAR! having a tails would be cool! like being able to wag it move it in all kinds of positions and stuff… It would be just plain cool! I would go to surgery to have a tail and I am 18 so that makes me legal with out parents. and I am 6ft 3in so maybe just past my knees would be good for the length of tail lol. Keep commenting guys looking forward to hearing more.

    p.s. retards and fat people dont get tails

    if this goes ahead i am sooo going to get some
    even if i am 13 i am currently in the UK, and im reading maximum ride the comics
    since i started reading i have dreamed so much of having wings
    having a flying family would be so cool
    it would save loads of petral coz u wouldnt need a car or anything
    and u could go abroad for free coz u could just fly across the sea and land on a ship when ur tired

    email me when its going ahead
    @ ridoc001@wsgfl.org.uk

  103. wtf why didnt the fucking site put my last 2 posts on

  104. So in 4 years ago I can have a tail?

  105. no lol

  106. guyz… just search “rakka grows wings” VERY weird japanese anime yet very kool!! already hooked on it!! but seiriously though… growing wings actualy looks very painful!!!! but i guess i dont really care about pain causze I REALLY WANT WINGS SO BAD!!!!!!!!11 and i mean there most likely not big or strong enough to fly with but i would still really love just to have two really big wings on my back!! each wing 30 feet mabye so my wingspan in total would be 60 feet!!!! that would just be so awesome i can ride my bike and my wings would blow behined me in the wind!!!!!!!11 LOL sorry i can just go on and on forever about wings I JUST WANT EM’ SO BAD and i have for a really long time now!! i want this oporation done on me just to have wings and hopfully it won’t be too painful to get wings i don’t think !!!!!111 but yeah would be very cool though!!!!!!!!11:):):):)!!!!!!!!111111111111

  107. like I said before, we are closer to having tails than we are having wings…

  108. Lauren Thompson

    August 26, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    I want to sing up for this,
    i would love to be apart of this amzing oppitunity.

    contact me you are ready.

  109. I bet anyone would

  110. Your article inspired me to never give up, even with the impossible.I woould give anything to be able to have wings and a tail to control my flights. If you need a volunteer, please let me know right away. I shall be awaiting for a very interesting e-mail later in life I hope. Again thank you for reigniting my spark of creativeness and belief in myself.

  111. omg… again wings are NOT gonna happen. Tails… maybe… hopefully

  112. lOl ok, so mabye wings aren’t gonna happen anytime soon, but i think i will actually grow a tail soon because i tried a magic spell. i know it sounds impossible, but i already feel my tailbone tingling a bit and it feels like it started growing already. i can feel it growing from my tailbone and trying to push through, it feels like it’s growing very fast to, it might fully grow it less then 2 days. my tail is supposed to be very long, 8 feet long to be exact. that’s even longer then i am tall, as i am only 6 feet tall!!!! it will be compleatly prehensile, which means it can grab onto anything, and if i tap it on the ground three times, it will go into auto mode, which means than i can say out loud or in my head what i want it to do and it will do it for me. and to put it back into control mode, all i have to to is tap it with my fingers three times. well, in the time it took me to type this, i think my tail grew a little bit longer, inside my back at least, it hasent broken through my skin yet LOL, but it has defenitly got a little bit longer for sure already!! see i told you it’s growing very fast. well, i’ll update you when it grows longer, thank you for your time. BYE:):):):)

  113. your fucked up in the head..

  114. lOl i thought i would get a response like that:):) i was actually just kidding sorry i diden’t mean to bother or offend anyone!!:):). i guess i was just pretending that i have a tail because i just think it would be awesome:):)

  115. but just for the sake of a good story, and REALLY wanting a tail, lets just pretend i have one and my tail grew WAY longer since yesterday, imeasured it and it is now fully grown at 8 FEET. man thats so long that it touches the floor, so i put it in auto mode and i tell it to always point strait when i’m walking so it doesn’t drag on the ground, although sometimes i like it dragging on the ground and i can put it back in controll mode after. i even recorded my tail growing and than i played it all back very fast as a time lapse. it was very fun and very cool to watch!! i was wearing pants the whole time my tail was growing, so my long tail poked a hole through them while it was still growing and my pants go very good with my super long tail because they are beige and my tail is the same colour and matierial as my skin. it is very flexible and compleatle prehensile too, just like a fith limb. i actually never thought of what my freinds and family would think of my tail, but i guess it’s too late now and they all love it anyways, and so do i!!:):) i always show off my tail in public and everyone loves it!!:):) there always taking pictures of it and asking me if they can touch it and i always say “you can toch it anyway you like and put it anywhere you want” because my tail also seems to be very strong and indestructible. one time i even tried snippind it just a little bit with a sciscores and it just diden’t work at all LOL!! the only way to get rid of it is to willingly wish it away, but i would never EVER do that cause i love it soo TOO much. again, thank you very much for your time and i wish mysef a very happy tail life and i wish all you all a very good tail life too, as i am about to tell you how to grow one. just mix water with salt and viniger, drink up, spin around clockwise three times and tap your tailbone three times and then, feel your tail instantly start to grow!!:):) thank you all very very much for your time and GOOD LUCK AND GOODBYE!!!!:):):):)

  116. lOl sorry i just coulden,t resist but in all seirousness i really do hope that i can get a tail one day!!!!:):):):)

  117. I have researched this extensively, cutting out everythingI know people have said that is wrong, and have come to the conclusion that a human would need a wingspan of about twice his height plus 20% to fly with a set of wings.

    As for a tail, we have one. it’s called the coxic bone. We just need to extend that to the required length.

    And they, plus many other bio-augmentations, would be made from our own stem cells. All we need to do is saturate a cellulose latice network with billions and billions of stem cells and then encourage them to develope into the required cells they need to be by introducing certain chemicals.

    All of this is possible here and now but the rules against the use of some of the technologies are very restrictive.

    For me I would have dragon like wings, 3 tails, chinchilla thick fur, gills, scales as thick and hard as a dragon, and an extra set of arms. Oh yeah, my sight would include all levels of the electromagnetic spectrum.

  118. I really want a fluffy fox tail and ears too, I have fake ears I wear but it’s not the same please let me know where to sign up and how much ~.~

  119. good god.. and happy halloween

  120. I really, really, want some black and white wings ^_^ that would be the best EVER ^w^ for me anyways. Sign me uppp :3 (13)

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