has a good feature on the Bush administrations denial of financial aid to students who have been convicted of drug charges:

When then-candidate George W. Bush answered questions during the presidential campaign about whether he had ever used illegal drugs, he refused to give a yes or no answer, claiming that his past was irrelevant. “I am asking people to judge me for who I am today,” he said in a September 1999 interview. “I hope it doesn’t cost me the election. I hope people understand.”

That nonanswer was good enough to get Bush into the White House, but it wouldn’t be good enough to get him a student loan under his administration’s higher education policy. On Tuesday, the Department of Education announced that it would enforce a law that would deny financial aid to students who answer “yes” — or refuse to answer at all — to one simple question: “Have you ever been convicted of selling or possessing drugs?”

Also, Plastic has two different stories about clubs being blamed for the drug use of their customers one here and the other here.