MonthMarch 2001

Mad Science Round-Up: Fetus Cell Implants, Genetically Altered Insects and Skydiving from Space

Plastic has some interesting science/tech updates today:

the failure of fetus cells implanted into Parkinsons patients (with what some doctors are calling tragic results)

genetically altered insects

skydiving from space

Update: The skydiving from space link is dead, but here’s a more recent article on the subject. Update 2: Found an link for the original skydiving story.

Grant Morrison Disinfo Nation Interview

Someone over at Barbelith has posted Disinfo Nation’s interview with Grant Morrison

The post can be found here or it can be found on Freenet (of which a new version was released recently) with the key

interviews/grantmorrison/disinfonation.html review of Dr. Rick Strassman’s DMT: The Spirit Molecule

More medical psychedelia from Plastic! This time the Plastic details information about Dr. Rick Strassman’s research on DMT (the first legally conducted psychedelic research in over 30 years). Check it out.

Update: The link to is now dead, but there’s an excerpt from the review on Strassman’s web site.

Update 2: Found an copy of the Plastic page.

LSD cures allergies???

I found this story on Plastic: Andrew Weil (a leader in alternative medicine) is advocating LSD as an allergy treatment. “I took LSD. I was in a wonderful outdoor setting. I felt terrific and, in the midst of this, a cat came up to me and crawled into my lap. I did not have an allergic reaction to it and I never did since.”

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